We, at Eye Tech Eye Center, are pleased to provide our patients with an advanced digital retinal exam called EyeScreen. EyeScreen is a high resolution screening photograph of your retina which will help us document, review, and compare your retina over time. We will use the EyeScreen exam to document a baseline image for our charts, screen for eye diseases and improve our ability to view your internal retinal health at a much higher resolution than a slit lamp or ophthalmoscope.

We are concerned about retinal problems such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal holes, detachments, and diabetic retinopathy (all of which can lead to partial loss of vision or blindness). Additionally many symptoms of systemic diseases such as diabetes and the effects of high blood pressure can be detected with the EyeScreen Examination.

You can expect from this exam:

  • An annual eye wellness EyeScreen photograph • An in depth view of the retinal surface (where eye diseases first manifest)
  • The ability to review the images with you (we will show you your retina)
  • A permanent record for your medical file, for serial analysis, comparisons, and diagnosis
  • To be fast, easy and comfortable
  • Usually no dilation drops for the test (we will inform you if they are required)

Since insurance will only pay for retinal photos after eye disease is discovered the EyeScreen Examination is an out of pocket expense. The cost is only $30 for both eyes.

Healthy Eye

Unhealthy Eye


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